Incorporated in Singapore in February of 2017, Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) is a closed-end tokenized investment fund (the Fund) actively contributing to the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

TaaS was co-founded by blockchain pioneers Konstantin Pysarenko, Ruslan Gavrilyuk, DimitriChupryna, and Maksym Muratov and includes professional team members from the USA, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, South Africa and China.

TaaS has a team of 15+ experienced traders and developers. TaaS is constantly strengthening its staffing capacity, recruiting the most professional and talented crypto enthusiasts.

Our head office is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine.



The TaaS team is constantly growing. We are looking for motivated personnel, enthusiastic about blockchain and the crypto space. 

As of today, there are no vacant posts.

You may apply for work at TaaS and we will contact you if a suitable position opens up.